Series Excel
Water Purifier
Model Excel
  • For drinking water up to 75 gallon per day
  • 4 high quality filter including Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • Dual-temp function : hot, cold water
  • Built-in refrigerated cabinet
  • Buit-in display for working status
  • Built-in booster pump, filter cleaning system
  • Automatic flushing and self-cleaning fuction
  • Automatic heating shut-off for safety
  • Automatic leakage shut-off and alarm for safety
  • Modern design, floor type
  • Factory tested for insured quality
  • 1 year warranty
     Water purifier, Model Excel consits of 4 high quality filters and RO membrane that are capable of removing of 0.0001 micron particles, chlorine, ions, heavy metals, toxic substances, bacteria, virus more than 99% and also produces that helps pH balance to the internal body.

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PP filter:
Made from polypropylene fiber
Removes dusts, contaminants down to 5 micron.
Life time > 6 months
CTO filter:
Made from activated charcoal
Removes chlorine, taste and order
Life time > 6 months
RO membrane:
Made from thin film composit
Removes contaminants down to 0.0001 micron, heavy metals, toxic substances, bacteria and virus more than 99%.
Life time 3-4 years
GAC filter:
Made from granular activated carbon
Removes organic materials
Life time > 6 months
Water Purifier Series Excel 01

Model Excel

  • Filters: PP, CTO and GAC, life time > 6 months
  • RO membrane life time 3-4 years
  • Including standard accessories

Part number : AF-EX-100